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EVENT DETAILS 2014 - Start Sheet - Click here 2014 - Results - Results Start date: tbc Event Type: Time Trial Course: H31/7 - B4009 Southend - Bradfield circuit (2 laps) (Course Details)          Classification: Open Rider: S, V, W, J Duration: 31 Miles Entry Fee (from):   HQ:  Bradfield Village Hall,                                        Bradfield Southend, Reading                                        Village Hall                                        (View Map) Entry close date:    Event organiser:     Dave Devine     Email: Cheques payable to:  Bath Road Club
The Bath Road Hilly - Originally 50mile time trial, was changed to 50km in 2004. A demanding 2 lap circuit round the lanes of Bradfield, Yattendon & Hermitage Past winners of the event include Martin Roach, Dave Lloyde, Andy Wilkinson, Glen Longland and present day winners Ray Hughes and James Boyman.
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